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Beyond These Walls

Beyond These Walls

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A destructive trend has been taking place in the church over the years. Rather than remaining focused on its mission in the world, the church has become almost totally preoccupied with itself, and now resembles a clubhouse more than a lighthouse. What would happen if the church in America once again got a broken heart for those outside its own walls? What would God do?
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  • Sermons included in this series:

    1. Getting a Broken Heart for a Cause
    2. Getting a Broken Heart for People
    3. Doing Whatever it Takes
    4. Possessing the Land

  • Items included:

    • Audio recordings for all sermons (mp3)
    • Sermon notes for all sermons (docx, pdf & txt)
    • Series artwork (jpg & png)
    • 16:9 & 4:3 series title slides (pptx, jpg & png)

  • Scripture references and key themes in this series:

    Nehemiah 1:1-4, Nehemiah 2:1-5, Jeremiah 33:3, Romans 10:14, Matthew 14:14, Matthew 15:32, Matthew 9:36, Luke 13:34, Matthew 8:2-3, Matthew 20:34, Mark 1:30-31, Mark 5:40-42, Mark 7:33-35, Luke 22:51, Acts 20:24, Mark 2:1-5, Exodus 32:32, Luke 19:10, 2 Peter 3:9, Acts 10:38.

    God's Will, Life's Purpose, Revival, Influence, Love, Compassion, Caring, Serving, Heart, Eternity, Gospel, Witness, Outreach, Mission.