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Dying to Live

Dying to Live

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No doubt, many people saw Jesus hanging on the cross and thought, "What a waste! He could have done so much more good if He hadn't died." But Jesus compared Himself to a kernel of wheat, which will never become more than a single seed unless it falls into the ground and dies. Only by dying can it spring to life and produce many more seeds. As His followers, we have been called to die to our own life just as Jesus did. Until we die, we will never begin to truly live!
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  • Scripture references and key themes in this sermon:

    John 12:24-25, , Mark 10:45, Matthew 16:25.

    Gospel, Sacrifice, Self, Surrender, Crucifixion, Cross, Death, Salvation, Communion.

  • Items included:

    • Audio recording of sermon (mp3)
    • Sermon notes (docx, pdf & txt)
    • Sermon artwork (jpg & png)
    • 16:9 & 4:3 sermon title slides (pptx, jpg & png)