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God Has Not Forgotten You

God Has Not Forgotten You

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After a year like 2020 it's easy to have moments of anxiety, fear and panic, and even to wonder at times if God has forgotten you in the midst of all the chaos. Noah must have felt the same way during that long year when he was closed off inside the ark. Yet during that terrible trial, we read the beautiful words, "But God remembered Noah," and we discover that he had never been out of God's care for a single day! Whatever struggle you may be facing right now, take heart in knowing that God has not forgotten you!
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  • Scripture references and key themes in this sermon:

    Genesis 8:1, Genesis 6:13, Genesis 7:1, Genesis 19:29, Genesis 30:22, Exodus 2:24, Leviticus 26:45, Numbers 10:9, 1 Samuel 1:19, Psalm 103:13-14, Psalm 136:23, Isaiah 49:15, Genesis 8:19-20, Luke 22:19, Psalm 94:18-19, Deuteronomy 7:17-18, Jonah 2:7, Psalm 20:7

    Communion, Doubt, Fear, Hope, Suffering, Trust, Hopelessness, Faith, Trust, Remembering, Remembrance, Loneliness.

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