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Remembering What God Has Done for You

Remembering What God Has Done for You

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In the rush of life it's easy to get distracted and lose sight of what's most important. The Bible tells us again and again to set time aside to remember all that God has done for us. If you're feeling far away from God or wondering if He still cares about you, the best thing you can do is to stop and recall how his mercy and grace have changed your life. Why not pause right now and give Him the thanks He deserves.

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  • Scripture references and key themes in this sermon:

    1 Corinthians 11:17-34, Ephesians 4:3-6, Matthew 26:29.

    Communion, Lord's Supper, Eucharist, Remembering, Remembrance, Fellowship, God's Love, Thankfulness, Unity.

  • Items included:

    • Audio recording of sermon (mp3)
    • Sermon notes (docx, pdf & txt)
    • Sermon artwork (jpg & png)
    • 16:9 & 4:3 sermon title slides (pptx, jpg & png)